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What you need to apply

Please be prepared to pay the application fee as outlined in the property listing. In addition to this rental application, you will also be required to provide a copy of a valid form of identification and proof of income.

To complete this rental application, you must be prepared to provide 3 years of residential history as well as contact information for your rental references. You will also be asked to provide information on your monthly income, and please note that most properties require that applicant combined gross income is at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount.

Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.
Application fee: $55.00


How do you choose when you receive multiple applications?

We process applications in the order they're received. If you like one of our rentals and want to apply, it's best to get your application in as soon as possible. Once we receive an application, we start processing it and notify you within three business days if you've been approved or not.

Once approved, we just require a deposit and signed lease in order to remove the property from the market. Once those two things have been received, we do not continue processing applications for the property.


What if I don't meet your requirements for approval?

We have our rental approval criteria in place for a reason and want to make sure that tenants we approve can afford to rent the homes we manage that they apply for and will be good tenants. We do not make exceptions to our rental criteria. If your circumstances change (e.g. your income is higher or you apply with someone who helps boost your application), then we're happy to review the application again.


How long will you hold a property?

It depends on the property, level of interest, and time of year but usually no longer than two weeks. Our rental listings are all vacant and available immediately as we do not show homes that are still occupied by tenants.


Will there be any painting or repairs done before I move in?

Typically, what you see is what you get and the property that's being shown has had work and cleaning done. If you feel that something additional is needed, reach out and we'll see if it's something we can do.

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