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Can we submit multiple payments for the monthly rent?

We require the rent as one payment for each property. We recommend that everyone contributing to the payment transfer their funds to one person who makes the payment monthly.


What happens if my roommate cannot pay his portion of the rent?

We look at the tenants as a whole and not as individuals so if your roommate does not pay rent but you do then your rent will be considered late if we do not receive it in full by the end of the grace period. 


What happens if we pay late?

There is a few days grace period after the first of the month but once the grace period has expired, a late fee gets added to your account. At this point, you must pay the rent and late fee in full. If you are going to have issues one month paying your rent in full, reach out to us to see what additional options you have. 


Can we pay by credit card?

Yes. Our system allows for payments by credit card for a small additional fee that is charged by the credit card company.