Property Management

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Tenant Screening

Thorough background checks, credit evaluations, and rental history assessments to find reliable tenants.

Rent Collection

Timely and efficient rent collection, including late fee management and online payment options.

Property Marketing

Expertly crafted property listings with high-quality photos for maximum visibility.


Lease Management

Drafting lease agreements, renewals, and addressing lease-related inquiries.

Maintenance Coordination

Handling maintenance requests, repairs, and regular inspections to keep properties well-maintained.


Property Inspections

Conducting routine inspections to assess property condition and address maintenance needs.

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Comprehensive Property Management Services

Property Management of Southern California, a trusted property management company based in Laguna Niguel, CA, offers a range of leasing and property management services designed to provide property owners with a seamless and stress-free experience. With a dedicated focus on personalized solutions and local expertise, they are committed to helping property owners maximize their investments while alleviating the complexities associated with property management.

When it comes to leasing services, Property Management of Southern California takes a proactive approach to ensure property owners find qualified tenants for their properties. Through comprehensive tenant screening, including credit checks, rental history verification, and background checks, they meticulously select responsible and reliable tenants. This attention to detail minimizes the potential risks associated with problematic tenants and helps to reduce vacancy periods, contributing to a more stable and profitable investment.

Property Management of Southern California’s expertise extends beyond leasing. Their comprehensive property management services cover every aspect of property ownership. From handling rent collection and lease renewals to coordinating maintenance and addressing tenant concerns, they ensure that property owners enjoy a hassle-free experience. Their focus on maintaining open lines of communication, transparent financial reporting, and up-to-date knowledge of local regulations guarantees that property owners can trust their investments are being managed effectively and in accordance with the law.

Ultimately, Property Management of Southern California’s leasing and property management services are designed to provide property owners in Laguna Niguel with peace of mind and the freedom to focus on other aspects of their lives. By offering tailored solutions, expertise in the local market, and a commitment to excellence, they empower property owners to make the most of their investments without the inherent challenges of day-to-day property management.


When will I get my rent payment every month?

As long as your tenant pays rent by the end of the grace period, you can expect to receive a deposit in your account between the 8th-15th of the month. It can take up to a week for the tenant's payment to clear not including holidays and weekends. If your tenant pays rent late then you may receive it after the 15th depending on how long it takes to process and clear.


Do I get to help choose the tenants?

We do not involve our owners in the tenant selection process. You hire us to use our knowledge and experience to manage your property and most owners have not processed as many applications and seen as many credit reports as we have.

Having owners involved slows the process down which leads to losing tenants who apply for other properties and also creates a fair housing issue since we are using different criteria to approve different tenants at different properties.


What happens if my tenants pay late?

If your tenants don't pay rent on time, we reach out and remind them. If they still don't pay then we serve them with a notice and start the eviction process. Things can happen and sometimes things slip through the cracks but almost all tenants know when their rent is due. Typically, when a tenant pays rent late, it's not the first or last time so we know who may or may not have issues paying.


Do you take properties that already have a tenant in place?

We do as long as the tenant is in good standing. We will occasionally take on properties where the tenant is headed for eviction or the eviction has already started but that's only with an additional fee depending on what needs to be done.

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