Property Management

We have the experience you need.

Marketing and Advertising

Our software syndicates with hundreds of websites. Once the property is on the market, we field calls and facilitate showings. Tenants who are interested in applying are provided with the information they need and we make sure we process applications in a timely manner when we receive them to prevent losing good tenants to other properties.

Tenant Screening

The key to having a profitable investment property is having great tenants. We’re very strict and thorough with our tenant screening requirements and process to ensure that we only place qualified tenants in your investment property.

Property Inspections

We make sure to regularly check on the properties we manage. Things can get out of hand when rentals are not checked on a regular basis. We check for condition and also unauthorized pets or occupants.

Supervised Maintenance

We only work with vendors we know and trust who do good work for reasonable prices. Our vendors are reliable and show up on time so tenants are happy and more likely to renew their lease.

Rent Collection

Tenants can pay rent online 24/7 using their bank account information or a credit card. The convenience and multiple payment options help them pay on-time monthly.

Direct Deposit

We directly deposit the rent payment into your bank account every month. No more waiting for checks in the mail and driving to the bank to deposit them.


In addition to your monthly statement, we provide you with an annual statement and 1099 to make doing taxes a breeze.

Why Choose Us


We're experienced and have managed hundreds of homes just like yours.


We have the technology, people, and systems to efficiently handle rent payments and maintenance requests.


We communicate quickly by email, text, or phone. Whichever you prefer!

What Our Customers Are Saying


When will I get my rent payment every month?

As long as your tenant pays rent by the end of the grace period, you can expect to receive a deposit in your account between the 8th-15th of the month. It can take up to a week for the tenant's payment to clear not including holidays and weekends. If your tenant pays rent late then you may receive it after the 15th depending on how long it takes to process and clear.


Do I get to help choose the tenants?

We do not involve our owners in the tenant selection process. You hire us to use our knowledge and experience to manage your property and most owners have not processed as many applications and seen as many credit reports as we have.

Having owners involved slows the process down which leads to losing tenants who apply for other properties and also creates a fair housing issue since we are using different criteria to approve different tenants at different properties.


What happens if my tenants pay late?

If your tenants don't pay rent on time, we reach out and remind them. If they still don't pay then we serve them with a notice and start the eviction process. Things can happen and sometimes things slip through the cracks but almost all tenants know when their rent is due. Typically, when a tenant pays rent late, it's not the first or last time so we know who may or may not have issues paying.


Do you take properties that already have a tenant in place?

We do as long as the tenant is in good standing. We will occasionally take on properties where the tenant is headed for eviction or the eviction has already started but that's only with an additional fee depending on what needs to be done.