Stay comfortable and secure in your rental by utilizing our efficient maintenance request submission process.

Request Maintenance

Submit a routine maintenance request online
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Emergency Maintenance

If there is a flood at the property, please call (949) 215-5000


How long will a repair take once I submit a request?

It depends on the repair. If the repair is an emergency that makes the property uninhabitable or is causing ongoing damage, we typically have a vendor out within a few hours. If the repair is routine and not an emergency, it depends on what you schedule with the vendor. Repairs are not always fixed during the first visit as vendors may need authorization or additional parts.


Can I do the repair myself and get reimbursed?

No. You cannot do work on the property without authorization from us. Tenants are not usually qualified or insured and can cause additional damage that ends up costing more to fix.


What if I cannot be home to meet the vendor?

Anyone over the age of 18 can meet the vendor at your home so you can ask a friend or family member to be there if you cannot be. Usually, this is only in emergency cases since routine maintenance can be scheduled around your schedule.


Will someone from the management company meet vendors for us?

Meeting vendors are your rental property is not something we do but in cases where there are no other options then we can but will charge a fee which will vary depending on how long someone needs to be at the property.