Explore a range of downloadable property owner forms designed to make partnering with us straightforward and seamless.

Electronic Banking Instructions

How to add or update your bank account information in our software so you can receive monthly rent deposits

Preparing Your Home

Checklist for preparing your home to rent

Additional Insured

Give us permission to add our company as an additionally insured party with your insurance company


For tax reporting purposes


Checklist for cleaning your home


Will you hire a cleaner for me to get my home ready for rent?

We can as long as you give us advance notice and there will be an additional fee added. Keep in mind, many cleaners are busy at the end and beginning of the month and also on weekends which are also busy times for moves to happen. If you need a cleaner at the end of the month, we need as much notice as possible.


Why do you need to be named as an additional insured on my insurance policy?

Your tenant can sue anyone and we need to make sure that if they sue us for something to do with your property, we're covered. It usually does not cost anything additional to have more parties named as additionally insured with your insurance company.


Will you mail a check instead of a doing direct deposit?

We can mail a paper check if you prefer but there will be an additional fee added. Checks can take longer to reach you and can be stolen out of mailboxes so we prefer direct deposit as we have had many issues with mailing checks in the past.


Who gets access to my bank account information?

No one. Your information gets stored securely in our software so that no one in our company has access to that information.