“John took over the management of my unit, I now net more money per month and he takes care of everything, including the headaches! I should have called John sooner!”


Excellent service, great communication, and easy to get a hold of. I recommend PMOSC to all of my friends and colleges”



“I no longer worry about my rental property. John handles everything for me.”



“I was transferred to the east coast and hired John to manage my personal residence. He is great. Easy to get a hold of even with three hour time difference.”



“Living in the mid-west, I needed a property manager that could  handle all the day to day management of my investment property. I lucked in with John, he is excellent! I would strongly recommend him to anyone.”



“Honest as the day is long! I wish he would manage my properties in Arizona and Florida.”



“We reside in Japan, so we knew hiring a professional property manager was an important step in our investment strategy. John has exceeded our expectations in every way! He even “Skype’s” us!”

Won Lu


“I managed my own property for over 10 years, I just got tired of dealing with tenants! I hired John and now he solves all the tenant “issues”. He even deposits the rent proceeds into my bank account.”