Don’t Worry: It Is Your Lead, It is Your Client, It is Your Revenue.

We respect and protect your real estate business. That means we will never list or sell a property involving clients you refer to us. Our only goal is to grow our property management business through relationships with agents like you. We want you to feel comfortable referring our services to your clients and friends. We guarantee there will be NO conflicts of interest with you!


Revenue through Referral Fees

$350 for each property referred, if the owner needs a New Tenant and Property Management
$250 for each property referred, if the owner already has a tenant and needs Property Management only
$100 for each property referred, if the owner is only looking for a new tenant and doesn’t need Property Management

Revenue Thru Outsourcing

Did you sell your client a property and “kind of agreed to oversee it for them?” Now you are managing there investment
property and no being paid. Now the tenant is taking up too much of your time. You just want to get back to listing and selling real estate, but do not want to lose jeopardize your relationship.